Spring Flowers are Beautiful!

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

I really in love with Spring flowers! I took these pictures when I went to Tuesday Morning this morning. I didn’t get any yarns from them today since they didn’t have any new stock.

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

And I am sure I will take more pictures of Spring flowers since blue bonnet is blooming!

Wool Felt Soap

Wool Felt Soap

I crocheted this wool covered soap for my mom today. I used 100% wool so that it can felt nicely when she uses it. I made some for friends in last Christmas and kept a few for myself. In fact, I am still using it, it lasts really long! Normal size soap probably could last for 6 month!

Grocery Sack

Grocery Sack

Then, here is the grocery sack I crocheted. It is about 13″ by 13″, good size and can be really useful without have to use plastic bag when shopping for grocery.

I had dinner with friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I haven’t figured out the meaning behind this special day since I am so busy and obsess with yarn and crochet lately. And there are always things that I don’t know, I am taking one step at a time, I want to learn all the crochet skills before building up other interest.


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