New yarns

Yarns from Tuesday Morning

Yarns from Tuesday Morning

I went to Tuesday Morning today and they had some new stock. As you can see, I bought some Lion Brand Landscape, some feather-like novelty yarns, and they even had Lion Brand Sasha! I never saw Sasha before, so I bought 4 skeins of charcoal color, might use them to crochet a neck warmer.

Yarns from Suzoos

Yarns from Suzoo's

I also received my order from Suzoo’s. Their shipping charge was reasonable and pretty fast actually. I ordered them few days after another order on WEBS, and I got them before WEBS’s. Anyway, I think my order from WEBS should be here today as well.

I probably have about 40 new skein of yarns today! Wow…. feel great! I know I am addicted.

This semester will be over soon, so I will have more free time to crochet or knit in the Summer. I am really looking forward to have some relaxing time.

Update: Just received my yarn from WEBS. How could I not get excited by having so much new yarns!  😀

Yarn from WEBS

Yarn from WEBS


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