Happy Mother’s Day

Crochet Berries Scarflette

Crochet Berries Scarflette

I plurk a lot lately, I guess that’s why I don’t blog so much. Before I introduce you my latest crochet work, I would like to greet every moms, Happy Mother’s Day! I couldn’t really celebrate it with my mom since we are so far apart, but I definitely will call her! I wish all the moms will enjoy their special day.

This is a scarflette I design by myself. It is simple and elegant, I believe it looks great on everybody!

The next item I have for you today is a flowers pattern scarf I crocheted with the beautiful Noro yarn. I have pre-washed it to soften the wool, and it will get even softer once you start to wear it.

Crochet Flowers Scarf

Crochet Flowers Scarf

I will have more scarves in my Man-Made gallery soon after I have time to shoot some photos. I am not good with description, so hopefully you would like my work by the pictures.

Currently I am working on a LARGE beach bag, and finishing a ribbon scarf. I wish I have 48hours aday!


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